Dearly Beloved

Dearly beloved where have you gone?

I miss your warm rhythms and the touch of your song.


I heard your sweet voice and I looked all around, but all I could feel was the snow on the ground. 


My eyes are not sharp as the blades they once were, and the chill in the air is piercing my fur. 


I remember the day that you brought me this coat. You had left me for weeks, but returned in your boat. 


I called to you from the pier where I stand, with a long satin dress and my hair in a band. 


I remember your face and you live in my dreams, but the life we once lived is gone it now seems. 


I miss you my love as my memory fades like the color in my hair the light in the shades. 


Darkness has fallen and I fear so will I, but maybe my dear we will meet when I die.


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