"Dearest Love"

Mon, 11/09/2015 - 02:09 -- BrianJ



Once there was a woman, 'Angel' like to be,
Whom i loved so very much,
This 'shinning light' so bright,
She was very very dear to Me...

I'd travel as far as the future
And would give My life to love her,
I only hoped & prayed that she also loved me. Then one terrible day my heart had told,
That her 'love' was falling far from 'Thee'...

Her words of little had burned my feelings like a raging inferno, "Why-oh-why am i always alone" are my thoughts as I write this and cry...

As my only true love you could always come too Me, but Instead you chose to end our love by Killing me with your words in some secret & private death journal...

So to You my Dear this may sound like a lie, but the real truth is "My Love For You Is Forever, And I Promise To Always Remain By Your Side Even After I Grow Old & Die".

It is getting dark and my eyes are a blur,
My soul must go on now as I try to take a breath, But what only comes out is a sigh...

Now I can hear the voices
That are Coming to take Me away,
and so my love it is time for me to say bye...

As you fade from my sight
I scream aloud 'Damb it this is not right",
Now i feel my life quickly draining from me
as Im finding it hard to say goodbye...

But my final wish of life is I pray to have you with me standing on my bedside so I'm not alone & and also for you to please kiss me on my forehead and to please be holding my hand as I die.

I feel it is time to fade from this life
Hoping my wish comes true,
But just in case it doesn't I must say before I go...

As i talk in a whisper with the final breath I drew, trying to speak I only want to say to my dearest sweetheart...."I Love You."

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