dear you:

i feel like i'm chasing us

navigating our warm embraces

i'm tracing the lines on your palms back to where we started

i miss you more than the pain of being with you

this hurts more than i thought it would

why does it hurt to heal

this process has been nothing short of a maze

why am i trying, hoping to find my way back to you

i know your heart

you didn't mean to break me

am i lying to myself just to make it all go away ?

everytime i write u come to mind

so please get out of my mind

please don't leave me again

idk how to live without you

what am i doing

where are you now?

who are you with?

who do you love?

was this supposed to be fate or fatal?

bring me back my love

it's gone with you

please let me let you go

i wanna breathe in someone else

to breathe you out

i wanna give all of me to me

so i can grow past this sprout

i wanna trust in loving someone else again

but i don't know how

where is my direction

leading to the sun and stars

of where i last left my parts

forgive me for bleeding into you

for i was incomplete asking for the world in a missing piece.


signed: your dearest old friend. 

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