Dear White People

It began with slavery. Why?Why dehumanize a whole race for personal benefit?Sold, raped, whipped, worked, killed?For your success?To grow your crops and pick your cotton?Keep the house clean and raise your children?After all we did for you, you still treated us like toys.To rebell was to die.¨Just wait, change gon’ come.¨ 1865.¨Abolished¨154 years later, you would think that change had come.It had. Change definitely did come, But change does not mean enhance or improve,Just means change.Yes slavery has been diminished, But why do you keep that mentality,Those with fair skin are superior to those of a darker tone?Why?Because you were taught that?And your parents were taught that too?And their parents?But why not ask why?Question the illogical lessons taught.When will you understand?When will you stick up for what is right and wrong?Or will you wait until it affects you? 

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