Dear White America,

Dear white america, why is our skin color your favorite target?  We will continue to scream, black lives matter with our hands above our heads in protest to your brutality  No matter what your thoughts are about it  Our skin color isn't a threat to your life but it is a threat to your system.  Dear white America  A black man in the White House doesn't put an end to racism Jim Crow laws are still around just as you intended them to be  Your oppressive system won't keep us on the ground we will still keep rising  Dear white America, open your eyes and see that we aren't what you made us out to be  You claim to be colorblind but still reap the benefits of our oppression, we don't want you to ignore our color we need you to respect it  Dear white America a black woman's culture is not a white woman's accessory So stop using our cornrows and Bantu knots as cash crops and ways to be edgy you've been stealing our styles and ideas since the first day you came and stole us  It's time we rise up and take back what you took from us  Black is power  Black is beauty  Black is gold  Black is who I am and I won't be ashamed to be but first I am human before anything.   

This poem is about: 
My country


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