Dear Victim

Dear victim
Dear prey
The harmless gazelle to my lion
The soul my monster devours

Oh... I dream of you every night
Of your facial features, twisted and deformed in pain and fear
Of the helpless cries when I said,
"I do not care, my dear."
And of your sweet drops of crimson on my blade

The sobs became pleas which became screams
The blade became scarlet which became crimson
Oh, how my blade gleams, yes it gleams!
Like my eyes! Oh, they gleam!

You thought I was doing you bad, my dear, precious victim
But I am sure you live with... "Him"...
You are getting what you deserve... where you belong
You have been done a favour
And your absence... I savour

This poem is about: 
Our world


Nadia Skye



very vivid descriptions so i applaud you :)

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