Dear Uncle Dave

Dear Uncle Dave,


It's been awhile,

I don’t know how I’ve been so brave,

It feels like your absence has become so vile.


10 years can fly by like a train,

I still haven’t told you what I’ve had to say,

And it seems that it will never cease to rain,

But I promise that I am okay.


I’ve come to terms with your end,

Though you always cross my mind

Along with those letters you never got to send,

But really I was never blind.


I saw your pain,

I saw your suffering,

You were never to blame,

And now it’s clear that you’re hovering.


Your pain is gone,

Your hands are untied,

It’s like a new dawn,

All my tears have dried.


I know you are watching from above,

So I promise I’ll write to your stone daily,





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My family
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