Dear Twin

It's something special 

Between what you and I have.

The bond that enlightens me

And I know you see it, too.


Funny how you and I were once strangers 

But then came the beginning, and it was such a blur,

Thanks to the fun days that followed.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Slowly came blooming into view 

The link we've come to know.

We found that we closely resemble each others personalities

The hobbies we share tie us together.


Though, I secretly wish we could be more 

Than what we see.

It's hard not to think of you 

Grabbing my hand,

Telling me to come with you

And set myself free.

Is it wrong to feel this way?


But for now, I endlessly enjoy what we are today.

Having you around is one of the best things

The universe has gifted me.

You always find the most positive things

To say about my being.


You understand my words better than anyone else.

We nerd out like we've done this our whole lives

Even though it's been only a short time.

I hope we never take for granted 

The red string that binds us together tightly.


So this is for you,

My dear twin.

May we take our bond further

Into the light of the future.


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