Dear Teachers

Tue, 11/05/2013 - 12:02 -- Mopake

Dear Teachers,

Where did all your passion go?

Your will to make a student know?

To know the joy, the thrill of life?

Of piercing ignorance, with a mind like a knife?


Why the monotone?

As if you are all alone? 

And not surrounded by eager minds?


Why not take them,

On a wild adventure?

And see what wonders you'll find?


Why so unwilling?

To experience the thrilling?

And teach them the way of the world?


Is life so boring?

That you avoid soaring?

Amongst other stars and worlds?

That you refuse,

To sit and muse,

At the wonder of the sky?


Is knowledge so detestable?

That you're unwilling and unable?

To bear when a child asks "Why?"?


Oh, for the days of old, 

When Students and Teachers were bold, 

And strove ahead,

Without any dread,

And questioned all that they were told...





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