Dear Teacher


Dear Teacher,

I've been bullied

I've shed tears

You treat me like I'm follied

And pay no attention to my fears

I've thought about quitting

Cause it seemed so fitting

But I wasn't lucky

Not enough to be choosy

I've wished for many days

To have this be a dream

But days turned into years

And the dream is quite real

I asked for your sympathy 

Just for a little empathy

I needed strength

I needed warmth

Enough to get through

To get through the torment

I thought maybe though;

You just may be fervent

I guess it's just as you say

The world may never sway

To the side of the unfortunate

I guess it is my fate

To just keep in silence

I've noticed your vice

And also as you say

If I may also say 

It is really survival of the fittest.





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