Dear Stormy,

You weren’t just a dog

So your legacy won’t fade away,

like today's morning fog


Instead you’ll always stay

in my own beating heart

until my own fateful day


And why won’t we ever part?

A lot of reasons

Where do I even start?


You stuck with me through 60 seasons

with complete and utter loyalty

No treasons

Instead, I was to you deserved royalty


You guarded me every night

like a fervent Knight


You were nothing, but pleasant

like a reverent peasant


You were a humorous provoker

like the most prevalent joker


You weren’t a dog

You weren’t a Knight

you weren’t a peasant

You weren’t a joker


You were Stormy.


Even if this is corny,

you will always stay

In my own beating heart

Until my own fateful day


It's true.

Up until my end,

you will always be my best friend

because I love you


Your whole family loves you.



Your royal clan 

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My family
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