Dear Spirit

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 16:28 -- damari


You were that night light in my world of darkness,

That bright light at the end of the tunnel which in turn seemed to be the furthest. 

You changed my name from poet to artist,

Now these poems are visual artworks and only the hopeless can deny that its flawless

Who knew that when coming here I would've ever saw this?

Dear spirit,

The evolution of a critical imagination left unidentified and unattended is non-existent,

 My love for Christ won't change even though I'm often surrounded by hypocritical Christians.

Living in these decisive eyes of God is a blessing, unwritten, but pre-scripted. 

Dear Spirit, 

You're in me and I'm in you, so together we are highly undefeatable.

Even through our highs and lows, you're cleansing and rebirthing those....whom

Possess sin, but once removed lies on the devils Pinokio nose.

And we can all thank him for those lies he told!

But to switch gears Jesus rose high, 

And ironically he was the bright son of God and with my soul, his soul, her soul, and your soul,

He does an impeccable job! It's amazing how he died!

In a way more horrifying than horrified, nails to the hands and feet only seemed like a fantasy constructively criticized.

Now of days we can't even sacrifice our time, so to compare our contributions to Jesus Christ....

It's a whole lot of nothing because my father actually died for our sins.

Dear Spirit, I believe we finally comprehend. 



Keep writing about our Best-Friend. :D i like it ..


i appreciate it !

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