"Dear Society"

Dear Society,

I expect you’ve been doing good, spoke with your associate, Anxiety, 
We left close with the emotions but our notions spoke quietly, 
I believe it was the thought that was concocted with everything that's toxic, and how you’ve continued to question our preconceived privacy, 
Apparently Anxiety agreed, stating others love to test if a spirit that’s whole will be the one that bleeds, and to me, it looks as if these humanistic weeds thrive when being the one to lead, 
And look what you did to me, who you made me be, what others have swayed to see,
I’m an outcast, because I spout fast, with a handout passed,
Full of complicated complications and applications with accusation motivations, 
But it’s you, life, a creation that pierces like a knife, full of strife and you’re a rife, 
Yet we learn to endear you like a wife, 
I suppose you may be something that I have failed to like, 
Which may be because you are never hesitant to strike,
I honestly am constantly consciously, in struggle with my barriers, 
And despise how this failed affection has expressed objection as my emotional carrier, 
Sadly, you are invincible and you will always remain superior, 
I just hope you understand my appreciation regardless of my agitations, 
Please forgive me for my limitations, I remain to have affections despite my inability to meet your expectations.


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