Dear 'So-Called' Family

Dear so-called family,

You know who you are,

We share the same father

And the same type of blood.


The last time we spoke

Was during dad’s funeral,

“Don’t worry” You said,

“We’ll be there for you”.


3 days had passed,

I trusted your words,

But arrived home to find

All my things gone.

You didn’t need them

Yet you still stole,

you left us with none.


When we took them back,

Your face full of wrath,

“God will punish you”

Were the words you spat,

You drove away,

And I hope,

That’s the last time

I’ll ever see you again.


I don’t care if we share

The same father

The same blood

You are nothing to me.

But I will not curse you,

Or hate you.

Because Fate will decide

What goes around,

Comes around.



This poem is about: 
My family


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