Dear Sister,

Sister, I was old when you were born. Having lived nearly a decade I believed myself wise. I was not. I was hardly anything at all. My life began the same day yours did. The quick bath mother made me take before the birthday pictures  Was a baptism into my new role. Protector, carer, friend Sister   Sister, You are young but there is age in your eyes. I would take it away, If I could. But we must both grow up now. We shall grow together,  Like the intertwined trees in the park we love so much. I have learned as much from you As you from me. There are more lessons to come.   Sister, You're nearly the age I was when we first met. How much can change in nearly a decade. You believe yourself old. I know I did. Truthfully, we are so young. The world is so bigger than we ever dreamed. We can explore it all, Together.   Sister, May you never know the sting of loneliness, The nonexistence of having no one. Sister, May your journeys always bring you home to me Or may I be by your side for every step. Sister, May you know happiness always For my happiness is because of yours. Sister, May we never be apart.

This poem is about: 
My family


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