Dear Self

Dear Self,

Why do you crumble, fold, shy away, and stumble?

You are strong, stronger than what you've been told,

stronger than you know.

Someday you will see.

You have been careful,

too scared to walk out of the shadows.

Why can't you see?

The sun was made for you.

With one glance the world will fall to its' knees.

You are beautiful.

Someday you will see.

Hope long ago deserted you,

but it will come back,

you just have to believe. 

You have been beaten, battered, and bruised. 

Not able to stand, so you crawled.

Don't turn your back on the journey ahead.

Forge on in spite of yourself.

Forge on despite what may come.

Hold on to that light,

burning and turning inside of you.

I know your heart years

for somethimg you can't quite reach.

Don't give up. 

You're almost there.

Someday you will see.

                                          Yours truly, 

                                           a believer


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