Dear Sally,

i woke up to see your messages offline

not sure of what was wrong or what i have done

i read through the lines to see what i have missed

my visions became blurry as my tears drifted into a well of hurt

the last line left me heartbroken making me wish

i was having a nightmare i wanna be awake from

sally we have been together since i can remember

and i cant really picture my life without you

i went to the park we used to go together

 brought something for the birds just like you would

reminiscing the good ol days we would sit down there

chatting about sweet nothings

and how we used struggle to leave that park

thinking of how deeply we would miss each other

i cried and cried when i realized forever is such

a very long time not to see you again

sally you are the reason i get drowned in coffee

i would go to the coffee shop to get 3 cups of americanos

during the day

in the night i lay on my front porch

staring into the ambience of the night

wishing on the stars

i still listen to autumn leaves and you

are the only reason for it

and now i know why people turned pain into poetry

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