Dear Professor Keating

   Dear Professor Keating,

I understand that Mr. Keating and you didn't end on the best terms before he passed, but honey alcohol isn't making the story look any better on the bookshelf. If you're going to drink at least don't do it alone. And stop letting Wes in on everything that has ever happened to you. One day it's not going to lean in your favor. You should know this you're a lawyer! Get over all of the men you've been with. This path isn't looking very pretty and I'm wondering whom you've seen on your way here. Annalise I know what it's like to see everything else fall apart right before your eyes and to not be able to repair any of these things. Drop everything and run. Move to Kansas or Iowa. Sometimes losing almost everything you have is a sign. When you lose everyone make sure that you still have yourself. Humans are pack animals and I know it's so hard to do things alone, but that's just how it's gotta be. It's better to have no company than bad company. I'm sure we both would know this, but it doesn't help to have the knowledge if it never gets put to use. Annalise stop befriending your clients and coworkers. These people don't love you. They love the things that you can do for them. Don't mistake love for appreciation.

I guess the point're not alone.

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