Dear Princess...

Fri, 02/09/2018 - 19:02 -- KGBKBG

Dear Princess,

I watch your movies,

I read your stories,

This isn’t enough to relinquish me from my duties.


I’ve seen your thoughts, your self-doubt, your fears

And now I wish I could have helped you.

I want to express to you how precious it is

The way your mind steers.

That a mind like yours is one in a million,


Except this is all I have to tell you what I want to say

Because now you’ve disappeared into oblivion.


You won an award for your work.

Did you know that?

That thing you called your quirk.

It’s the galaxy’s treasure to remember you by,

No longer alive to witness the success of your legacy,

Yet it is still being praised, rewarded for its truthful weaponry.


You worked so hard to undo those buns

To take out the pins and be free again,

But it was those buns which gave you your height.

They provided you with shape and flight.

The truth is your style doesn’t matter


You two are the same

Please don’t attack her.


She was the gift you wanted but weren’t expecting

On the receipt you wished you saved to return,

But she’s also the prize you keep on your mantel

And the money you worked hard to earn.


She was your light against the dark side,

Your saber to cut through our minds.

You used your weapon wisely,

And it is with this you are defined.


Even though you questioned, and questioned

There is no need for doubt.

Yes, you made your mistakes,

But don’t we all sellout?


So rest easy now, Princess

This is your way out.

Bow your head to the bliss

And allow the silent kiss,

To stabilize the galaxy inside of you,

And throughout.


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This is a letter I wrote to Carrie Fisher. After reading her book, The Princess Diarist, I was inspired by her own poetry, which she featured in the book, and I was compelled to write my own. This is the first poem that I have ever written, therefore I find it fitting that it is written to her, seeing as she was the one who inspired me to want to try it out. Hearing all her thoughts and feelings which she wrote about within her book and expressed through her poems, I felt a lot of compassion towards her, and it made me want to express to her all these feelings. However, since she is no longer alive, I was unable to do so. I found that this is the next best way to talk to her, despite the physical distance. I like to think that she was listening as I worked through my poem, and I hope she likes what I have to say, as I hope you do too. 

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