Dear President Trump...

Dear President Trump,


Can you hear that?


It’s the sound of thousands of women,

America’s women,

Crying out,

“My body, my choice!”

I see you laugh as you turn away,

And sign the rights of the women's bodies away.

You and people like you think,

If women want equal rights, does that mean I can punch a woman?

President Trump, with all due respect, women are not equal.

Because, for every dollar a man makes doing a certain job,

A woman only makes eighty cents doing that same job.

Our young girls will grow up,

Watching you laughing at them,

Calling names and saying awful things.

Sooner or later,

You’re going to have a whole force of


Dear President Trump,

Can you hear that?

It’s the sound of thousands of African Americans,

Keyword: Americans,

Crying out,

“Hands up, don’t shoot!”

I watch you roll your eyes,

And you think to yourself,

These things happen every day, to every race.

What makes one race better than another?

“I don’t see a difference, I’m color blind.”

President Trump, with all due respect, that’s not the point.

We should be color aware.

Aware that these people,

With their different skin colors,

Are not being treated equally.

We need to stress the point,



Dear President Trump,


Can you hear that?


It’s the sound of thousands of refugees,

Seeking freedom in our great land.

I hear your people chant,


President Trump, don’t you see?

We should be building bridges,

Breaking down barriers,

Not building walls.

Dear President Trump,

So you want to make America great again?

When was it ever great?

It’s always been good,

But never great.

There’s so much left to do before we reach “great,”

You’ve got your work cut out for you.

I just hope you make the right decisions,

Hire the right people,

And remember all American citizens.

Remember all your women- who are your daughters, wives, aunts, grandmothers, mothers, sisters- the future depends on them.

Remember ALL your citizens,

Though we are the people of America,

We are not your pawns or play toys.

We are people, and we matter.

All of us, as one.


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