Dear, Police

Dear Police,
Why don't you see
That I'm not just a Nigga
I'm an actual human being?
Dear cop,
Am I about to get stopped? 
I've got places to go. 
There's other people to knock.
Dear 5-0,
I'm only 5"7.
You shot me five times.
It's only been five seconds.
Dear boy in blue,
Boy, just get a clue.
If men are dogs, 
And women are cats,
Then pigs aren't excused.
Dear Mr. Pig,
Notorius for acting big
Cause a gun is in your hand.
You think you can offend.
Dear law,
You're not looked at in awe.
You make your own agenda.
I only answer to God.
Dear God, 
What the heaven is going on? 
Our people have been dying
Ever since we've been born.
Dear son, 
I know you're only one,
And your life has just begun.
But you gotta know bout a gun.
You gotta know cause you're black.
You might just get attacked. 
Police are attached
To people without a gat.
And if you have a map,
Avoid any mishaps.
Drive with your hands up, 
And wear hats to hide naps.
Don't rap.
Don't act 
in any ways that are "Black."
Don't talk, don't walk, 
don't breathe, don't snap.
Saying not to be Black
Is like drinking dry water.
Like making a fire in a pool.
Like just not being thought of.
Do you want my hands up? 
Want me to Stand up? 
Man up? 
I'm handcuffed. 
So how are you giving orders?
If I reach for my ID,
All your eyes see
Is me reaching for a weapon.
Question: Am I me?
The lesson: An IV.
Hospitals help heal
Like a meal with iced tea.
But I don't feel like I'm free.
Do I need to wear my degree
On my chest
To show how I've progressed
From a nigga to my best
Just to prevent death?
Just to get some respect?
And never to be oppressed?
Or pressed?
I'm vexed,
And yes, I'm on a quest.
I want a rest.
Not to be arrested.
Since when was saying I'm Black
An act of confession?
You wear your badge
To show that you're an ass.
I've never been in your class.
Future, present, or past.
I like to think that I've passed.
I skipped a level 
that only rebels can craft.
The art becomes a math.
Dear minoroties,
We are majority. 
Freedom is calling me.
It's something we oughta see.
Dear people,
All of us should be equal.
whomever tells you otherwise 
Never even believed you. 
All they see is the color,
They never see you. 
But never be anyone.
Always just be you. 

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Omg I love this 

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