dear ocd.

Sun, 12/03/2017 - 20:56 -- y2cady

dear ocd--


you have manifested and festered

you have begun and spun my life

turned it inside out

inside my head is a whirlwind

of worries and anxieties

all inside of me


you started out by counting


and then you made me afraid of dying

but then made me suicidal

it’s repetitive

and i take dosages of sedatives

to calm you down


the medicine and therapy

hasn’t gotten to me

but it’s gotten to you

through and through

you’re a tamed beast,

a lion in chains,

growling sounds in my ears.


and now you’re here

you’re not my friend

but my roommate i can’t escape

and i survive

and i thrive

and i’ll make it out alive






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