Dear Noelle...

I know it's been a while,

so I figured its time I tell you my own story,

Of a boy who grew fast

and learned he had no need to worry...


This boy was me,

a young individual

but i was anything but ordinary,

yet, I was quite extraordinary


I've been around a lot of places

yet nobody seems to understand me as you do,

Some just stare at me, quietly with concerned looks,

while others just label disruptive, impudent, uncanny, imbecile.


Very few ever understand my mind,

or even the developing soul hidden inside,

they all resort to mockery when they don’t know what I am,

which tells me they only have half a brain to show they understand.


I’ve been described as broken, but I’m not that at all it seems,

my mind may be different, but I never said I was damaged,

In my own life, I’m my own person, regardless of how I think,

and as I walk through this world, I refuse to turn into ice.


As my own person, I can see the light in the darkness,

while I can travel on it, others cannot follow me towards it,

They may be left behind, even if they’re not forgotten,

And those who understand my challenge, can see me as I go forward.


Along this simple path, there are many others I will meet,

some better, and some worse, but all with this simple gift,

What they have is not a curse, but rather a blessing that few understand,

And through this truth, people will understand why this is who I am


This is something I want you to remember my darling,

as time always comes to pass

don't ever expect anything to change

even with a second glance


I'm always going to be me

nothing will change that,

If you even think I will,

I'll just stare and laugh


I know you'll never expect me to,

I just figured you should know,

as this story that I fondly tell

leaves a surprisng glow,


Hopefully, I see you soon

Maybe in two days, half past noon,

I love you my dear, I hope for the best

but for now, here's where I rest.





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I'm speachless, this is such a well written poem and I absolutely love the word choices.

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