Dear No one.

Dear No one.
Someone I have met in the past,
But refuse to let back in today.
You remain, knocking, at my door
Seeking, to see if I still have hurt in my soul.
But I don't,
And I won't, for I won't let you hurt me anymore
You have caused enough pain, and sorrow
You have caused enough trouble and hurt
You will never be let back into my life,
For that place has been taken,
By someone better
Someone stronger
You will never see me smile again
Unless it's in a picture of the past.
You will never hear me laugh again
For you, never deserved to hear it in the first place.
So quit your rapping.
Stop your tapping.
Quit knocking at my door, and see, that the place you once held in my heart
Has vanished.
So stop your tapping on my window for you will never get in.
My walls are closed, my windows locked
My doors are bolted shut. So stop your rapping on my door
You can't seem to leave, why can't you see I don't want you here, I don't want you anywhere near. So stop your knocking on my door, and be gone from sight, vanish, in the moon light, under the stars and flurry away. So stop your rapping on my door, for no one is home, I have been gone, for longer than a year.
So stop your tip tapping on my window, all you find is dust and dirt and bones and ash.
With love - The dead one in the room

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