dear night time lurker,

dear night time lurker,

 i found this letter painfulas if it we’re to a murdererfor it reopened the insufferablepain caused by a monster gushing my pain everywheresplattering the truththat you’re a living nightmarewho killed the innocenceof a girl i once knewoblivious to painthat seems all too familiar now this letter is a reminder which you will always rememberthe fear you’ve created in a lifeand the destruction of once a bright lightthe coldness in your touches will stick foreverlike the stinging of a frost bite that burns endlesslyforever and ever this letters to the man who touched me in the middle of the nightfor this isn’t prettybut please do not pity because no matter the scars i have to live withno matter the fear he has to live everyday knowingthat he's crushedthe innocence of girls who will make his life rough you have to livethe rest of your lifeknowing you losta game of roulette because the wounds you createdwill haunt you till deathyou’re the one who has to live with your actionsuntil you are DEAD! you burned the once bright light the not so pure little girl,Alison Achee

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