Dear Myself

Dear myself,


Why did you do that?

Can’t you see them looking at you?

They think you’re a scaredy cat


Why did you say this?

Can’t you hear them whispering?

You had something you’ll surely miss


Why did you go there?

Can’t you see you’re not wanted?

You’ll regret it, I swear


Don’t you know you’re not wanted?

Don’t you see they don’t care?

Don’t you know you’re life’s haunted

By the ones who peep and stare?


How did it become this way?

What made it get this bad?

Why should you be the one to suffer?

When will they go away?


Don’t you see things can change?

Don’t you know it will get better?

Don’t you see some don’t find you strange

By the ones who read your letter?


You can go there

Can’t you understand?

You can go anywhere


You can say this

Can’t you understand?

You’re the one they want to kiss


You can do that

Can’t you understand?

You can smile and tip your hat


While bullying is a common thing

It may feel like you’re all alone.

In your own world, you’re the king

Know the others are not full grown.


Bullying can destroy lives

You’ll never know who you’ll lose.

There are those who take the dive

And those who pick the booze.


So please don’t let them get to you

It will all be over soon.

Don’t let your mood turn blue

Just turn your smile to the moon.


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