Dear My Prince Charming

Dear My Prince Charming,

I know you’re already rolling your eyes back into your skull, but please don’t give yourself another migraine and just humor me (like I know you always do). You wouldn’t call yourself “charming” but there’s a lot of things you don’t see in yourself. Nevertheless, I do and I love you. From the minute I saw you, I was intrigued. I had this weird feeling about you. When I finally got to talk to you, I knew you were something special. Before we really started dating, the first time I licked you for attention, you weren't even surprised, or the second time or the third time… you just smirked and quipped something about rain. Regardless the heat of the moment, you’ll pull your lips from mine just to flip my nose and kiss my forehead. I love you because you’ll just stop and stare into my eyes in complete silence...and when I ask what’s wrong, you promptly respond “Can’t I just look at’cha?” I love you because our first date lasted 12 hours. I invited you over to paint, but ended up making waffles, playing video games, going to my performance then watching my favorite tv show of all time. I didn’t even know you hated painting until 4 months later. I love you because when I first grabbed you by the hand and took off skipping, you skipped along, and when I stopped, you didn’t let go. I love our phone calls that last 4 hours and consist of questions and dead air. I love that you take me seriously, when I ask if I have something in my eye, you wipe your hands, pull out your phone flashlight, grab my face and pry my eyelids back to be examined. I love that you know me, that you understand. You always seem to know how to pick up the pieces and make me feel whole again. You hold my hand while we  sort through the wreckage of my emotional outbursts. I love that we have walked miles together. I love that we have shared so many firsts, or been there for each other’s. I love that even though there’s never been a bad kiss between us, you insist we exchange a few like first graders, tightly puckering your lips with eyes squeezed shut then proceeding to drag them across my cheek while I cringe. I love that you pull me tighter in your sleep, that you can recall how we met and what you were thinking, that you humor me and try to be romantic, that you encourage me and motivate me. That you hate my music but not when I sing it. I love that you want me to feel like I can tell you anything. You make me happy. I love that we make each other better people. I love how much my life has changed since the day I met you. I love you because when I tell you “I love you”  you always say it back… and for the first time in my life, I think I actually believe it. You always feel like you need to say “trust me.” But I've never given your word a second thought.

Love Your Princess,

Illyana Lin


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