Dear My Ambitions,

When I think of it, I am amazed,

how easy it is to remain fearful,

to feel undeserving, uneasy, uncomfortable,

of who I am. 


slips into my skin like  moisture in mist,

possesses me and creates a bed in my spirit, 

where it can nestle and weigh down on any ambitions I've dreams had. 

Ambitions please know

Every morning I pulled insecurity from it's cozied spot,

it holds on to the head boards,

wraps its arms around the sheets,

turns it's head from the blinding morning of open curtains,

screams loud enough to convince me it belongs here at times.

Still I persist, 

and last year it decided it was tired of our tumultous affair,

and left

for good.

I want you to know ambition,

that this bed is cleared, 

for you

to move in

and take your rightful place,


with me




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