Dear Ms.Queen

Dear Ms.Queen

So you say how you're some sort of Queen and from the looks of it you have a lot of people under your spell well glad to see that you're living like Beyoncé, just a few notches less.

You seem to have a knack for telling people that you are a virgin but how is that when you described to me how you clearly are not, huh well I guess that no one taught you how it's not good to lie. Ring Ring, hold on, by the way stop lying and saying how you're a heterosexual when not too long ago you was getting tongued down by another grl whilst having wet dreams about another girl, but then again with a goddess like body and honeysuckle sent like yours it's no wonder as to how you've seemed to sucker me in. Whilst you're trying to force two love birds to complete some crazy fetish of yours I'm over here trying to get away from both you and this dark, grey cloud that is constantly hovering over my head.

This poem is coming to you as a warning to not fuck with the princess because you maybe able to bench press my weight plus another two hundred but with a pen and paper I can bring down Goliath. Danielle was just an appetizer, I'm coming for you next baby girl, oops I mean Queen. Of course imma sit down in my chair and sip my tea like a good little Princess and watch as you fight for a title that is so overrated. Everyone wants to be a Queen, but it's time for the Princesses to take over.

Remember when you sat there and watched as those boys ripped my poetry to shreds and tossed it into the air? Well it's time for me to work hard so that I can throw this green in the air and watch as your mouth drops because this little people pleaser became something more. I need to spritz some Frebreze into the air because your heart is starting to smell like a death trap. I honestly can not stand girls like you, the ones who are such destructive liars willing to sacrifice the ones who would lay their lives on the line for you in trade for those who would spit on your face and piss on your grave, whelp I guess this is why we have liquor right? This is why no means yes and yes means to continue on even if I say no right? Lemme teach you a bit of etiquette and class, sit up straight and quit slouching because when you're not humble you're a joke. Do not think that you're tough because both me and my poems will expose you, oh you gonna run and get your cousins? That's a laugh. Actually like Lady Leshurr say that's a mad ting a what? Mad ting. Whelp the Princess is done and this is only part 2.

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