Dear Ms Power Hungry



Dear Mrs.Power Hungry,

I wake up early.

The memories of sleepless nights fill my fluttering eyes.

Late nights filled with words of the past, steps to write the perfect sentence, and what our earth is made up of. 

My sanity slowly draining along with the "important" information I "memorized" at 2 am.

"Why are you falling asleep in my class?"

"Why did you fail this test?"

"Don't you want to succeed in life?"

The questions being projected toward me as I sit in class and stare blankly at a white board with black words.

I'm falling asleep because I was up all night studying for the 5 tests and doing the stacks of homework i was given.

I want to succeed in life. 

I want to make a difference in the world.

But, I'm stuck in this class, at this desk being discouraged by every word leaving your mouth.

I want to go to college and I want to succeed.

But, as you sit there and scowl me for my mistake my dreams begin to fade.

I start to question myself and my future.

Will I succeed?

Will I ever make an impact on the world?

In your eyes all I am is another child you have to grade and secretly degrade.

Opinions; we all have them.

Mine? The future is a mystery but sitting here being told I won't amount to anything is where i draw the line.

Hey guess what? I'll shine and when I look back and remember you,

I'll remember the teacher that told me I would fail because I didn't memorize the periodic table.

You know what I'll do when I remember?

I'll smile and laugh because I'll being changing the world and you'll still being sitting there trying to take the power from the seeminly powerless.

Go ahead and memorize my words because you'll be hearing them loud and clear someday.


Ms. Future Success



Great poem! I love how you wrote it in a letter format- very creative.

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