Dear Mr.Trump

Dear Mr.President

We got a problem

You can't represent

Cause your life ain't at the bottom


You saying its protection

“Mexicans are dangerous”

We ain't even an infection

You are so venomous

Cause you cheated the election

Russians had your back
So you won of course

korea will attack

And they'll have no remorse


You banish all immigrants

But yet that what you are

We are just peasants

You ain't even and star


You are some old man in charge of a nation

Who needs a babysitter to tweet his opinion

What are you gonna do to take action

So much racism to so many civilian


Thank you for your time

I just hope that you know

Families have been separated for a longtime

You never felt there sorrow

And I wish you goodbye


-Margarita Garcia


This poem is about: 
My country



I hope you enjoy this poem! I tried using a bit of slang, but yet tried to keep it understandable, thank you for your time!

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