Dear Mr.Trump

This goes out to Mr. Donald Trump,

running for presidency,

in this oh so beautiful country,

chatting on about how we need some damn liberty,

from these ‘muzlims’,

who need an identity.


So Mr. Trump,

this is my letter to you,

my speech,

regarding my true identity,

let me spell it out for you,

don’t reward me with a personalized I.D card,

instead recognize the rights of people like me


I am a Pakistani, British, American, Muslim girl.


See my great grandmother was born and raised in a small little village,

She ventured out to find a new home for her young and just the age of 21,

To start a new life,

To give them a better chance,

the chance she never had.


My grandmother,

Born in Pakistan,

Moved to England,

When she was just a little child,

Exploring the world with those big brown eyes,

Looking at what this country had to offer.

She did not have the easiest life,

struggled in school because english was not her first language.

Went from school to work,

and work to school,

just to help the family.

Never did she once complain,

she was grateful to God,

for the food in her stomach,

and the roof over her head.


My mother born  in the,

Ghetto side of England,

Spent her whole life moving from city to city,

from town to town,

Never really fitting in,

she was the brown in a sea full of white,

forced to adopt the ‘western culture’,

all for the simple fact that there was no one like her.


I am a British girl,

Born by the seaside,

Hearing the waves crash against the beach,

time after time,

Born by the sand,

The yellow grains of gold that just slip through your fingers.


I am an American girl,

Spent my childhood summers in jersey city,

My big brown eyes explored the city that my father grew up in,

So different to what I was used to,

but just as beautiful.


I remember strolling the streets,

with my mother by my side,

there was always that one mural on the brick wall,

it had a picture of this beautiful world,

children were holding hands circling it,

displaying equality,

something that today's leaders were never shown as children.


I am a Pakistani, British, American girl.

But I forgot the best part.

I am a muslim girl.

Defined by my faith,

and this scarf on my head,

believing in what society is now afraid of.


I am a Pakistani, British, American, Muslim girl,

I have one ethnicity,

But am from two places,

with one way of life.


I am what society is afraid of.


I am a muslim girl that was born in western society,

But that is still not an excuse.


I am feared by those who are to narrow minded,

to ignorant,

and to arrogant to venture out for knowledge.


I am the girl that is blamed for global attacks,

that have never completely ended.


I am the girl that is associated with Al- Qaeda and ISIS,

just because of this scarf on my head,

and the color of my skin.


I am the girl that is told to leave,

to get out,

that is told that I do not belong.




I am none of these things.


I am a Pakistani, British, American, Muslim girl.

Forced to be defined by what society had deemed appropriate.


I am neither a terrorist,

nor illiterate,

I do not have tea with crumpets,

nor say bloody hell.

I am a Pakistani, British, American, Muslim girl.

That is targeted by people like Donald Trump,

because he was never taught better.

I am told to go back to my country,

but last I checked,

When we open up the history books,

of this fine country.

The only people that have a right to be here are natives,

who were forced out of their homelands by white individuals,

who did not know better.


So Trump,

unless you have native american blood in your body,

you too should go back to your country.


I am a Pakistani, British, American, Muslim girl,

born in a western society,

but grew up with her culture around her.

She was taught the way of Islam,

And the rights that this country allowed her.


I am a Pakistani, British, American, Muslim girl,

Allowed to display her culture,

and practice her faith,

because last I checked,

I am a citizen of this country.


So Mr. Trump,

Thank your for your oh so sweet invitation,

but I think i would rather stay in the country that advertises the belief in basic human rights.



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