Dear Mr. Willis

Dear Mr. Willis,

Last year I found you

Dead on your doorstep

with your hand 

Just out of reach

Of yesterday's newspaper.

Your neighbors say they didn't notice.

How can you not notice

A dead man on a doorstep?

They said it was simple,

They just didn't think to look. 

I was only looking because I was angry,

Angry about a C- 

While you were lying

Stone-cold on your front walkway. 

It seems silly now,

But it was important to me at the time. 

The doctors say it was a stroke,

A random

Uncontrolable thing. 

But sometimes I wonder,

Was it really the stroke that killed you

Or was it being a Professor.

Kids arguing about grades and essays

And whether or not you're teaching the class right.

I just wanted to say

I'm sorry I didn't find you

Until it was too late. 

I hope you like it wherever you are

And if you see her

Could you say hello to Amelia Earheart for me?

And maybe,

Ask her how she died?

Sincerely, Alvin

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