Dear Mr. Right

Wed, 01/31/2018 - 00:57 -- jdai

Dear Mr. Right,

There you were

Sitting at my kitchen table

We were talking about anything and everything

Just like we always do

I don’t remember specifics

I was wrapped up in you


Dear Mr. Right,

She’s all you ever talk about

Her smile, her personality

I give you advice

Since you’re my best friend

But everytime you bring it up

It causes my heart to bend


Dear Mr. Right,

Did you know that all I ever talk about

Is your smile, and your personality?

The way your face lights up

It’s like sunshine on a cloudy day

When you finally see the blue

Reminding me that everything will be okay


Dear Mr. Right,

I value our friendship more than anything

That’s why I’ve never mentioned this

This is something

You cannot see

I want you to be happy

But I want you to be happy with me


Dear Mr. Right,

I see you everyday

It doesn’t get any easier

This is all in my head

Well, in my heart too

I hope that someday

I’ll be able to say this to you


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