Dear Mr. President

Dear Donald Trump,

The world does not revolve around you. Immigrants are people too. Women are not 

objects for your entertainment. It is not acceptable to mock those who do not have

the same abilities as you. You calling yourself a "stable genius" does not, in fact,

make you a "stable genius." You are a businesman who has filed for bankruptcy

multiple times. You sir, are indeed, a sexist and a racist. Your twitter acount is not

your diary; I'm sorry that Kim Jon Ung called you old, but I really would rather

hear about congress' progress on passing a clean dream act, protecting TPS and

whether or not our terrible Secretary of Education is going to be removed from

her position. Your policies tear families apart. Your comments tear our nation even

further apart from eachother. You have no respect for anyone but yourself. You are a 

selfish man who most likely bought his electoral votes. I deeply hope that you take

a good look at yourself in the mirror, see who you really are, realize that you are

a horrible person, and try to change.


Xenia Velasco Mendoza

This poem is about: 
My country


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