Dear Mr. and Miss America

Hey Mr., are you enjoying the football game on your flat screen

Hey Miss, are you enjoying your fancy luncheon at the country club

Mr., are you filled with pride over winning an election

Miss, are you filled with pride because you won Miss USA


Dear Mr. and Miss America there’s a veteran on the street corner

He asks for money and food to simply get him through the day

Dear Mr. and Miss America there’s a girl on the corner

She sells herself to pay for her child’s education


Hey Mr., do you love your mansion filled with shiny things

Hey Miss, do you love your closet filled with designer clothes

Mr., are you satisfied with your riches and fame

Miss, are you content with what you already have


Dear Mr. and Miss America there’s an orphan boy on the curb

He is filthy, bruised and cowers, scared of his own shadow

Dear Mr. and Miss America There’s a little girl on the swing at the park

She’s about to be taken because her dad is off with a cigarette


Do you see them when you walk into your designer stores?

Do you greet them with a smile or with a glare?

Do you pretend they aren’t there and are beneath you?

Do you hear them crying for someone to understand?




Hey Mr., you have the ideal American dream

You have your fancy house and your fancy cars

Hey Miss, you have your antiques and your diamonds and jewels

You have more money than you could ever spend on your own


Mr. why do you get to have it all while others must beg

Miss why do you wear a crown whiles others wear dirt

Mr. how come you get to decide who to fire and who to keep

Miss why do you get to go to parties and fancy dinners


Hey Mr., have you ever lifted a finger to help

There are millions of people each with a dream of their own

Hey Miss, tell me why should you get yours

While every day another person is denied theirs


Mr., do you see why I ask so many questions

Miss, do you understand my constant pleading

Mr., can you please do something about all these things

Miss, can you please help restore equality and hope


Dear Mr. and Miss America you are important symbols

So many people are struggling and can’t remember

Dear Mr. and Miss America you can change things

Remind us what it means to be the home of the brave

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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