Dear Mother, Can you hear me?

You taught me to speak for myself,

Now I feel I cannot stand on my feet,

You left me at age 10


Hunted in this world with a pretty figure that guys want to catch,

And that is my pearl,

But neither guy can give me a ring they don´t have no job


Life is making it harder on me,

I see scenes I wish I did not have to see and you are no where to be found but you 

had teached me a princess need to always hold up their crown,

Well mines is falling and I need surrender 


Many people tell me I should love the opposite gender, 

Just because I will not let a dumb boy influence my head,

My pride is hurt


Why did you take the key from the castle?,

I really needed you to stay by my side but now you are dead,

Your death keep playing mind tricks with my head 


Just reach out to your princess,

I am still your girl,

I just wish you were still in my world so I could be the perfect girl to make you smile


My grades were the reason you walked around proud,

Time is ticking up and I know I made you felt alive escaping the pain,

But I will be that perfect kite standing strong in the rain, I realized that everyone has pain

This poem is about: 
Our world


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