Dear Mother

Dear mother All these words can ever make up for how I feelWords can't describe how sorry I am Sorry is an understatementBut all I can say is I'm sorrySorry for all the tears I made you shedSorry for all the heartbreaks you went through because of meSorry for not being the daughter you deserveSorry for being a reminder of a nightmareSorry for all the arguments we hadSorry for my out of control attitude Sorry for all the talkbacksI'm sorry You deserve better But I need you to know that I love youDespite the way I act Despite all the times you thought I hated you The truth is I love youThe truth is that it hurtsThe truth is I'm tryingThe truth is I'm scaredScared to show you all of meScared of disappointing Scared of showing how I feel Mother I love you like no other But you deserve better Sorry for how I've made you feel 


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