Dear Mother

“No one will ever love you as Much

as I dO”

you whisper quieTly in my ear,

as you Hug me

Emotionless, limp

I don’t Reply


don’t trust your friends

they aren't really your friends

they will only betray you

turn on you

spreading every


lie to the whole world

about you


“you’re only protecting me from the


this world has instore for


has been ingrained into my





“i want to be yOur friend-

treat me,

and Trust me

not like tHine enemy”

you always said to mE

trying to justify your daily tRend


that's the Moment it hit me

the emOtionless hug,

when you became my friend

The one you Had always warned mE about

except- you weren't a fRiend

you were my own mother

This poem is about: 
My family
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