dear Mother

Tell me why I feel so down,
Or why I cannot hear a sound.
Why do everything feel woozy, as I feel I'm drifting away,
And the're pulling me but I still want to stay,

Suddenly I do not feel like anything,
Am I dead? Or am I just imagining?
I can't believe that you'd do this to me,
Now I'll never have a memory,
All that's left is just a little bit of suffering;
How can you deny my right from seeing and from touching?
And all because you weren't ready to have me!
But now I'm in a better place, where I have millions of mothers and they all have made me feel so free.

But I want you to know that I forgive you.
Dear mother you've robbed me of my freedom.
You are not to be blamed for what I've been through,
Don't ever cry for me, you go and live your life and I promise that I'll watch over you from heaven;
And do you know there's many other ones like me, and they have seen exactly what their mothers do,
It's for me to describe how it feels to see children playin,
But we watch them grow; how great a view.
We see this, me and others like me for we see they are happy and breathin.

Don't mourn me oh mother,
For even when I find myself with others who were so unexpectedly aborted,
I still feel I should to tell you that you shouldn't punish yourself for my death; it was in a way, worthed.
Because now I'm an angel in heaven with our heavenly father.

So don't you worry,
No need to say sorry.
I am warm, happy and alive and can't wait to see you,
Just so I can tell you, I forgive you.

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