Dear Mommy's Girl



In your mommy’s world

You were always her little girl.

Quiet nights hands were lurking,

Brother’s cold hands froze you in the night.

But mommy’s love conquered all!


Dear mommy’s little girl,

You’re all grown up now.

Your mommy is sick and needs your help now.

You run away to hide your fear

But your mommy’s end is near


Mommy’s little girl, one call has crumbled your world

Speeding to the hospital

Holding  back the tears

Running through the hospital halls

I couldn’t get there fast enough

Open the doors she was gone!


Dear mommy’s little girl,

One call has changed your world

The love that you held so near and dear has vanished.

Her pain has disappeared

Her smile remains a memory

Her love is never forgotten  



Mommy’s little girl,

She’s not here to rescue you anymore

She raised you the best she could

I know you miss her - I miss her too!

We have to always remember what she taught us and what she would do.


I’m going to pick you up now!

We are going to take a walk together

Handle life as a team.

Because I,  little mommy's girl, am the older you!


I love you


-Mommy’s Woman


This poem is about: 
My family


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