Dear Mommy

Thu, 09/20/2018 - 13:11 -- Ajani33

Mom you know I’ve loved you since birth

You’re my favorite woman on mother earth

You always helped me when trouble bubbled up and stress doubled

Teaching me to read soon as I could breathe

Taught me how to count and my ABC’s

Never messing around taught me lessons way before kindergarten

Had me giving back to our community garden

Almost every museum I’ve seen is thanks to you

There whenever I need you you were right on cue

Truth is your spirit and Truth is what Pravda is

I love how through tribulations you stayed positive

When I was a little more little you helped me through middle school

Struggling through my classes back when I wore glasses

When the days dragged slow it all felt like molasses

Then you helped teach me how to drive

To keep myself alive and abide by the rules

The tools the fools never learn

And now I always weigh my options before I turn

Three shoulder surgeries ain’t holding you down

Making it through your migraines I don’t see a frown

You’re the queen I’m the prince you deserve a crown

For all the hard work you do you should take a bow

I know you want your master’s faster but I know that you’ll pass

When you graduate we’ll throw you a party maybe even a bash

And I know that you miss me far away at college

I promise I’ll come back I just need this knowledge

Ajani the Conqueror you gave me the Wright name

Single child but you told me how to ration

Funny how all your friends call me handsome

I’m glad I got your perfect smile shining people can see it for miles

Got our family through trials  

Talking to me when I couldn’t relate to my peers

You had me swimming for years

Skills that put me in rotation for a summer occupation

Through heartbreaks, graduations, and wake up calls

You’re a wonderful mother that’s helped me through them all


This poem is about: 
My family


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