Dear Mom

By: Cassidy Little


This goes out to the most encouraging idol,

Who I am most proud to call my mother.

From in the womb to taking my first steps,

I’ve questioned if you were a superhero undercover.


Early years we would trace our fingers on our faces,

Trying to guess what we have drawn.

I remember drawing you as an angel,

Because you were the one I would most depend on.


The worst feeling of all was seeing you sad,

It felt like my heart was breaking into two.

Luckily that was the best thing that would happen to me,

Because I’d always give that fallen half back to you.


No words could really describe how much I love you,

Especially not the last four stanzas.

Let’s just say I would have to write a novel,

Just to express that you are my bonanza.


I have your blonde and short gene,

And that makes me feel so proud,

Because knowing that I have something of you

Reminds me that you’re the sun when I see a storm cloud.


The best moments are when we laugh as loud as ever,

Especially when it leads to trying to quiet ourselves down.

Sometimes it would all start with just one dad joke,

And we’d instantly snicker because we were our own clowns.


As you know I am getting older,

Hopefully starting college in the next four years.

I will remember to call you each day,

Because not seeing you for awhile is one of my biggest fears.


But no matter where I am in the world,

It will never be considered far away,

Because as soon as you need me

I would rush on a plane to see you the next day.


I hope you know that I will love you always,

You are my forever best friend.

You taught me many different life lessons,

Teaching me that it will always be me and you until the end.


This poem is about: 
My family


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