Dear Mom

Dear Mom.


To my moon


Thank you


For the countless

For the countless hours

For the countless hugs

For the countless kisses

For the countless smiles

For the countless tears


For believing

For believing I was beautiful

For believing I was unique

For believing I was valuable

For believing I was special

For believing I was more


For the sacrifice

For the sacrifice of me before you

For the sacrifice of your health

For the sacrifice of your career

For the sacrifice of dads love

For the sacrifice of your love


For the pain

For the pain of punishment

For the pain of the failure

For the pain of letting you down

For the pain of leaving

For the pain of growing up  


For seeing

For seeing the mask I put on for the pain

For seeing every concert

For seeing every meet

For seeing every accomplishing moment

For seeing every heartbreaking fail


For being there

For being there when I scored

For being there when I was broken

For being there when I couldn't go on

For being there when I needed it

For being there when I knew no one was

For making me the sun

Thank you for staying the moon

Thank you most of all for being

my moon that became my sun




This poem is about: 
My family


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