Dear Misogyny

Tue, 10/23/2018 - 19:55 -- Janetb

Dear misogyny,

Thank you.

Your degrading hateful words towards women have changed me.

News flash, they didn't turn me into the delicate and defenseless female you think I am.

They transformed me into a strong, powerful and courageous woman.

Your “women aren't as smart as men” comments bounce back

from my 4.01 weighted GPA.

I will be the first-generation female in my family to flow into a 4-year University.

I am not a fragile doll that relies on your sexist strength.

It's not always about "belonging" to someone,

We also want those knowledgeable books that lead to Benjamin Franklin's.

“A person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10...”

But guess what? I bend that 10 into A’s and Honor Roll certificates.

I'm sorry my body isn't the last puzzle piece to your idealistic puzzle…

But you can listen to my thoughts and my beautiful knowledge.

"Where's your obedient femininity?" You might ask.

Sorry, it's just that my feminist spade is programmed to slash

your monstrous spoken words.

Like I said, thank you.

If it wasn't for your knives that you submerged into an inferiority poison,

my shield wouldn't have evolved into a whole wall.

Your iron wrist trying to crush womanhood,

made me appreciate my XX chromosomes,




Checking that box that says “Female” tickles the pride inside me.

I give you the credit for the toxic misogynist potions that you spilled onto us.

But our resistant fumes cleaned it up and like metal benders, we built them into power.

I value my identity,

I value being a woman.

Not even your inferiorizing words can dissolve this permanent pride instilled in me.

No one can and no one will.

Thank you.



Your modern gal.


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