Dear Melanin


Instagram was the first to tell me my,

“Melanin was poppin”

Yes, Instagram has become more

Than picture croppin

It opened my eyes to all

Of the Girls like me out there

Black girls,

Who don’t know what the hell to do with their hair.

You see,

My skin is filled with Hope, Love, and Honor

All things I hope to pass

Down to my daughter.

You know,

Dark skin is banned from the American

Color wheel.

Sadly, all the names they called me took years

To heal.

My recovery has been amazing, don’t get me wrong

I am flexing my complexion  

I now know where I belong.

It’s just me, myself, and melanin

Me and my best friend.


I love my skin

My American sin…


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
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