Dear Mars,

I have not met you in this physical lifetime, 

Although I carried you with me for quite some time.

I would like to tell you about someone I admire before you reach your destination.

His name is Javier; the name derives from the Spanish culture meaning bright,

I believe this is true because he is the light that guides me through the darkness.

He has soft walnut hair infused with honey-gold highlights and an olive complexion

that exudes his warming heart.

Along with his intricate hair and warm undertones comes his eyes, just the same 

melanin only with the reflection of his past, present, and future.


Him and I met when I was at the tender age of sixteen, where life was a little more 

bitter than sweet.

He was seventeen, more than halfway to eighteen, vigorous yet


All his life he was a blank space with divided fatalities. Although his mind

was deluging, he filled the void with intricate canvases and set fire to his ornamental


I admire his intellect and perception of the world and its inflicted affections;

with wise words leaving everlasting emotions.


I find his devotion to be the greatest quality of all.

From being a blank piece of paper with words written on him telling a story that was 

not his,

to being the author, protagonist, and narrator of his own story that is yet to be finished;

that was the most profound dedication of all. 

Even from the thin and fresh edges of the paper bound to be ripped to shreds,

he is as strong as the words and black ink piercing through the fibrous material.

Whether brave or doubtful, rain or shine, bad decision or good intention, he never loses



His name is Javier, the name meaning bright.

Mars, you would believe this is true for he is like the sun and the moon;

like the moon he only revealed half of his soul, but like the sun he always lightened up my mood, 

he emitted rays of beauty, and I gravitated to him for he was always warmth when things got too cold,

for he was the light when things got too dark.


Yours Truly,

Your Mother.

This poem is about: 
My family


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