Dear M

Dear M,

Your voice was like a feeling,

An emotion in itself,

A sweetness that lingered in my mouth,

Then traveled down to my heart and soul.


Comfort, endless comfort.

That warmed my coldest nights,

That lit my darkest hours,

And that guided me out of the dark.


You were the sugar in my Earl Grey tea.

Taking away the bitterness in my life.

Making things easier to swallow,

Sometimes easier to understand.


But like tea with no sugar,

You left a bitter taste in my mouth,

A sickening feeling in my stomach, 

A terrible reminder of what you promised.


You promised something sweet,


Something kind,

And something warm.

Yet you left me out in the cold,

And I shivered as I watched you turn your back and leave.

This poem is about: 
My country


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