Dear Lover

Dear Lover,

So close yet so far.

What's going on?

It's a maze of love that I can't escape.

Where's the door?

At least a window.

I can't take this anymore.

Loving without being love is slowly killing my heart.

Promised I'd never let you go but

now I just really don't know.

Promised I'd never shed a tear for you but

now I'm seriously doubting you.

You're in my heart I know that but

I'm not in yours, why is that?

Don't you see I'm in love with you?

Don't you see I'd do anything to call you mine?

Just tell me what you feel.

What you think.

That's all I ask.

You can be a liar, stubborn, & a little bit crazy but I still love you.

You push me away, I can feel it.

I try to get close to you but something is in the way.

Just know, I still think someday we're gonna be together again.


Just wait.

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