Dear Love

dear love

when i began, so did you

i felt you for the sky

for my mother


and then i grew older

i craved to feel you more, differently 

i wanted you to grow up

to give me experience

i was too young

but i insisted it of you, love, 

just the same

so you complied

and i felt you for many


i gave you away freely 

and paid dearly 

when you gave up on me 

i was a shell 


but then

light in the form of him

you brought me to him

through miraculous circumstance 

you filled me 

i gave him all of you

but unlike before

this one was right

you were not used by him

you were enriched


he makes me feel like

chocolate chip cookies

fresh out of the oven 

me you and him 

in strength


on behalf of the both of us

thank you

for giving me a second chance

bringing me to him 

uniting us all

and showing me what you are meant to feel like




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